Political Subdivision Workers Compensation Alliance

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Who We Are

The Alliance was formed in 2006 by five risk pools:

Collectively, Alliance pools represent the second largest workers' compensation payer in the state, with more than 3,000 public employers representing 500,000 employees.

The Alliance was the first network established under Chapter 504.053 of the Texas Labor Code, to perform the direct contracting and credentialing of health care providers on behalf of its members. The Alliance is the largest 504 network in Texas with 21,000+ medical claims paid each year.

Why The Alliance

Thank you for considering the Alliance. We understand you have a choice when it comes to contracting with health care networks and we are confident you will be pleased to join one of the top workers' compensation networks in the state. The Alliance exclusively serves public employers.

Our goal is to contract with the best health care providers; so teachers, fire fighters, law enforcement officers, municipal and county workers, as well as other public employees have access to top quality, local health care when they are injured on the job.


Provider Application

To apply a new practice/provider, or add an additional provider to a currently contracted practice, please complete the form below.

The applicant will receive written determination notification to the practice address within 45 days of the application submission. We do not send determination notifications to credentialing services or third parties who submit applications on behalf of provider(s). Please wait the 45 days before inquiring of the status of a nomination application.


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The Political Subdivision Workers' Compensation Alliance (the Alliance) is a 504 network serving 5 public entity risk pools: